In real life great leaders are rare. Often, men and women are elected or appointed to leadership positions, but then falter or fail to act. Others abuse their power to satisfy their egos, crushing their subjects, and squandering resources. But without faithful, ethical and effective leaders, people wander. The generation once labeled X need not be apprehensive, but can look forward with great anticipation to the trusted leadership of one who has indeed been called to the kingdom for such a time as this.

A young man of faith, courage, and submitted to God just as his biblical counterpart. Joshua employs the medium of Christian Theater with cutting edge Deliverance Ministry as its foundation to make relevant to a generation declared out of reach the tactics, schemes, and strategies that Satan uses in his quest to get them to abort their destinies. Determined to march his generation into their promised land. Joshua challenges them to live lives of holiness by breaking generational curses, and destroying every trace of idol worship, principally that found within.

The eldest son of First Baptist Church of Glenarden's Senior Pastor John K. Jenkins. Joshua currently serves as director of the Church's Drama Ministry and Young Adult ministry, a graduate of Bowie State University, with a of Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Theater. Joshua is a former officer of the Prince Georges County Police Department where he served for 7 years, and has been making his wave as a playwright, director, and spoken word artist for the last thirteen years. In his breakthrough productions "Valley High", "eLeMeNtS of yOuR GaRmEnT", "Broken House", and "Conception". Joshua uses frank, unfiltered discussion to confront long held church, and societal taboos.

When questioned about his inspiration to confront such issues with boldness. Joshua states "the enemy has held our generation hostage too long by tormenting, and causing to be remembered the mistakes of our past". "It's time that we learn how to effectively engage him in Spiritual Warfare knowing all the while that we have ultimate victory through the blood of Jesus Christ".

He has worked and produced with many icons in the gospel realm such as Kim Burrell, Isaac Carree, Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper, Sheri Jones-Moffett, The Walls Group, Anthony Brown, Y'anna Crawley, Tasha Cobbs, and many more.

His work has been featured on the Gospel music Stellar Awards, and across the country.

Joshua is also the writer, director, and producer of the stageplays Breaking Down, "CHURCH Folk", and the DMV hit production The Uncut Coming of Christ which was viewed by a combined audience of seventeen thousand over a course of 4 shows in 2015.

In keeping with the spirit of the team, Joshua has anticipated the possible needs of those who often time aren't afforded as much playing time as other players who are starters in every game. Discerning it's not lack of ability as much as it is exposure. Joshua has founded one of Bowie State Universities 1st ever media, and production non-profit organizations Dominion Impact. He is also the founder and owner of his own production company Stage Kingdom Productions LLC.

A leader, and visionary personified with a heart for the people Joshua Jenkins...

Uncut Coming of Christ

This timeless story, set more than 2,000 years ago, captures the birth of Christ and brings the town of Bethlehem to life! This musical extravaganza displays the story of God's redeeming love, told through comedy, dance and profound songs. Now in its seventh season, The Uncut Coming of Christ has become a favorite holiday family tradition and continues to add new twists each year.

Have you ever wondered what life was like back then? Ever been curious about what the people wore or what they ate? You'll find out during the fabulous pre-show production! Shepherds, Roman soldiers and regular townspeople will serve as your guide through the "city streets,"" where you'll see vendors, wares and much more.


Witness To The Cross

The greatest true love story ever told, Witnesses To The Cross is a dynamic stage that depicts the intense story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This stage play takes you on a journey through the eyes of those who witnessed Jesus Christ be crucified during that time. Watch and hear unique monologues from Judas, Mary The Mother of Jesus, and even Caiaphas. Written and Directed by Joshua K. Jenkins


Breaking Down

As if running a small business in a weak economy isn't enough, Kenneth Stewart Sr. the shop's owner has the burden of managing a unique staff that carries their own hopeless stories. Mr. Stewart's son, Kenneth Jr. is fed up and searches for a way out of the family business that has served the community for years. Just when Mr. Stewart thinks his hands are full of challenges, Ms. Green, an ambitious representative from a large development company offers to buy Mr. Stewart's Auto Repair shop.

Mr. Stewart is faced with the reality that his shop is the last business in the community that has not given in to Clarion Industries and the determined Ms. Green who has no limits to what she will do to convince him to sell. Will Mr. Stewart give in and sell his shop or will his passion for his business and his love for those around him be enough for him to fight for not only his future but the future of those impacted by his auto shop. Written and Directed by Joshua K. Jenkins


Church Folk

(Writer, Director, Producer)

Interactive Theatrical Experience